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Java - Simply Sweet 

Brand Identity With UX/UI design - Cafe & Bakery

Brand Identity & UI/UX design

Created Using:
Adobe Photoshop,
Illustrator &
Adobe XD

Custom Logo, menus, posters, to-go packaging, stickers, app design

Java is your local cafe & bakery; it’s the ideal treat to grab after
a bad day, and it’s even better on the good ones.  What may be regarded as too sugary, Java embraces its sweet tooth in each cup of coffee or a single bite of their delicious treats. Java’s primary target audience is sweet lovers aged 12- 60, who havea sweet tooth. The cafe also targets Millenials with its ability to order through their app.


Straying away from overused muted designs for cafe/bakeries,
I decided Java Simply Sweet should fully embrace its tagline.  Huge inspiration for the brand identity came from sugar packets; it’s vibrant colors, and serif typography is central to the brand story. The vivid color palette brings in the energetic playfulness that is associated with sweetness. The illustrations, display typography, and ornaments give the brand a loud, boisterous appearance that is deliberately excessive.  

In contrast, in the app design, the user experience came first. 
The main goal for the app was to let the customer find and order without getting distracted. Simple wireframes and small usage of color and illustration create a cohesive yet easy application to use.