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La Mujer del Machismo

Publication Design and Installation

Publication Design

Created Using:
Adobe Indesign & hand-stitched embroidery

La Mujer del Machismo is a two-part project that aims to open the conversation of toxic masculinity in South American countries. The project deconstructs machismo culture and its effects on both women and men. The publication and installation were both inspired by the climbing cholitas of Bolivia.

The Publication uses transparency pages to allow the audience to declutter the chaos that is machismo culture. What may appear chaotic and unorganized, as the reader flips pages, the information becomes condensed and precise. The typography and shapes mimic patterns found on traditional Cholita skirts.

Where the publication aims to inform, the Installation allows for open conversation. The skirt, which refers to the climbing Choliats, uses embroidery to bring in perspective from both females and males to the discussion.

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