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︎         Coronavirus Postcards
The United States has been placed on pause due to the Coronavirus that has turned the world upside-down.

Questions are being asked, but no actual definite answersare given.

As America looks for strength, there are hospitals at the center of the crisis where life is being born into a world that’s very uncertain. In what world will Generation C grow up in?

Although it’s easy to imagine the unbearable now, we must look into a more positive future.

Our goal with this project is to promote this hope through a focal point on what the next decade could look like. But will also take into consideration another potential outcome to bring awareness.

The Atlantic, in which this idea originates, depicts two futures, a world where America finds a way to defeat the virus. Thus Trump is somehow seen as a hero or another where the world comes together to find a solution and, in doing so, learns to work together to fix other world issues