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Brand Identity - Inca Remedies

Packaging, illustration, multicultural, typography, print, branding

Created Using:
Adobe Illustrator,
Indesign, Photoshop and Porcreate

Custom Logo, package design, patterns.

SALUD is a fictional organic healthy brand that aims to use natural Inca products to promote healthy wellbeing. This brand seeks to bring Inca remedies to the forefront of natural and organic products.  SALUD targets foreigners ages 15 and above, those wishing to improve their health or finding a more natural base product. SALUD strives to provide universal access to Incan homemade organic remedies to people outside South America.  


The SALUD brand highlights remedies left behind by the Inca culture; therefore, I took inspiration from old ruins and textile design. The color palette is drawn from their muted earth tones, with enough vibrancy to call attention. The significant component for the brand identity was the illustrations created to be a base for packaging, motion, and patterns. The illustrations mimic traditional textiles.

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