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The Linguistic Playist 

BFA Thesis Capstone - (Other Works Included: The Hybrid’s Portraits  - The Linguistic Hybrid )
Publication Design

Created Using:
Adobe After Effects,
Animation, and Porcreate

Projects Contains 18 Video Visualization -- Check Them out all Here

Code-Switching (CS) is the link between language and identity, describing bi- and multilingual persons' use of more than one language within a single interaction or conversational turn. Those who practice this phenomenon are more likely to come from two distinct ethnic or cultural backgrounds, and often are struggling to find where they belong. Their unique use of language constructs their "hybrid identity."

Hybrid identity is defined as someone with different cultural masks, all while being the same individual — the union of all within one. By using different languages between conversations, they are utilizing specific identities within themselves that they are claiming.

The Linguistic Hybrid is a vibrant visual narrative about this duality embedded in 40% of the population - an exploration of code-switching and identity construction.

Music transcends all borders, in a culture where music is easily accessible to all; it's one of the first places one might be introduced to code-switching.  The Linguistic Playlist is a collection of music that transcends languages. It highlights the presence of CS in Pop Culture, therefore advocating its normalcy while also exhibiting positive globalization. The Playlist is a twenty-year timeline that abstracts its music to a visualization of sound and language

The Linguistic Hybrid is an empowering look at hybrid identity, and aims to attach beauty to a facet of our language that has been overlooked in the past.

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